Unit 465 News

Saturday, January 13, 2018 21:10

As you probably already know, Board Members/Officers for 2018 are:  Leona Pchelkin (President), Ed Gould (Vice President), Marie Bresch (Secretary), John Sill (Treasurer), Theresa Pinney (Hospitality), Bev Meyer (Tournament Coordinator), and Ruth Rouse.  District 21 Reps are Bob Garret and Cornelia Gould.


The most exciting news for the coming year is that Ed Gould is developing a website for Unit 465—which should be up by March.  It will have contact info for the Unit, annual schedule of Unit games and local tournaments, newsletters, Board minutes, and contact info for our local clubs, etc.  We will let you know as soon as it is ready.


We wish a fond farewell and good luck to Aleeta and John Jones. They sold their house and are headed to Minnesota (!!!) this Saturday. Their trip was delayed because John was hospitalized, but he’s doing well now.


We also have several new players at our club games.  Please introduce yourselves and make them feel welcome.


Unit games:       

  1. January 20   (Saturday)    12:00 noon     DCC&SC

  2. February 24     “              “          Carson Sr. Ctr. (Doors open at 11:30)

  3. March  17       “              “          DCC&SC, Board Meeting 11:00 am

        The rest of the schedule will appear on the website when it is ready.


CVBC Closures (Holidays):

    Monday, January 15

    Monday, February 19


Club notes:


Gary Nitzberg is starting a series of 8 bridge lessons for (never played before) beginners  on Weds., Jan. 24 at 9:30 am, in the Comstock Room at the Carson Senior Center.  The first two lessons are free, then $10 each for the remainder.  If you know of someone that would like to learn to play, have them contact Gary at 841-6477 for details.


Mike Regan will be directing the CVBC games in February, as Nick & Leona will be trying out the “snow birding” life in Arizona for the month.  Please email Carole Sill if you need a partner—if you show up without one, you may not be able to play because Mike has a commitment to his student.


Happy bridge playing!!!