Christmas Dinner Party Details and Other Stuff

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 15:53

The schedule for the Unit Game/Party on Saturday, December 8 at DCC&SC is as follows:


11:15 am--Annual Membership Meeting (the election results will be announced and there will be a vote on adopting the new bylaws that the Board has been working on for several months (you will receive an email file of the bylaws for you review in mid-November), as well as a report other Unit business.  I hope you will take the time to attend this meeting.


12:00 noon—Unit Game (no table fees for players).


3:30 pm—Board Meeting of current and newly elected members; election of officers.


4:00 pm (approx.)—Dinner Party at Julio’s Restaurant.  See details below. 


Julio’s Restaurant is located at 1328 US Hwy 395 (southeast corner of Waterloo—you can see the back of it from DCC&SC).  The menu choices are NY steak with Jack Daniels demi-glaze, or chicken marsala, or salmon w/white wine sauce (capers, artichoke & tomato) with sides (I recommend the risotto); green or Caesar salad, ice cream w/berry compote, and soft drink or coffee.  Wine and other drinks are available for purchase.


The cost to attendees will be $25/pp (cost to the Unit is $30). Carole Sill will be taking reservations (with entrée choice) and payments (cash or checks payable to Unit 465). Seating is limited to 40 people so be sure to sign up early.  The deadline for paid reservations is Monday, December 3rd.


Unit Board Election:  You will be receiving an email ballot (paper ballots will also be available) about November 15, and voting will take place from then until December 1.  You will receive specific instructions for voting when you receive the ballot.  There are six candidates for four open positions on the Board, so you will be voting for four (4).  The candidates are: Roxanne Hart, Bev Meyer, Gary Nitzberg, Brenda Pugsley, Mike Regan, and Ruth Rouse.


Don’t forget the next Unit Game--Saturday, November 17, 12:00 noon, CCSC in Carson.


Well, this is almost my last HURRAH as your president—Nick and I will be gone most of November and all of December.  It’s been challenging, rewarding, and a big, busy part of my life for more than five years, and I’m looking forward to being “unofficial” for a while.  I would like to thank all of you players, club owners, Board Members, and the people who have stepped up to help make our Unit, tournaments, and club games successful.  


If we don’t see you before the New Year, we wish you all Happy Holidays from Thanksgiving through the New Year.