Live Bridge in Gardnerville

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 08:48

I've just been informed by Amanda Reid, Recreational Supervisor for the Douglas County Community Center, that we can begin playing bridge on May 3rd @1pm.

Before I go into the restrictions we'll be under, I need to ask a question.   If you think that you will play on May 6th, please email me back.  I want to ensure that we have a decent number of players.  If you and your partner will be playing please state that when you reply; otherwise I'll just assume that 1 person will be attending.

For the time being (and they are subject to change at the last minute), the restrictions are: 

1.  Members are strongly encouraged but not required to get their covid vaccinations.

2.  Members shall not arrive at any bridge game (club or unit) if they suspect they have a fever, cold or any illness indicative of the symptomology commonly associated with covid.

3.  There will be no food or drink distributed at the bridge game, however members may bring their own refreshments but cannot share.  If you want coffee, you will have to bring your own.

4.  There will be bottles of hand sanitizers at each table.  All players will be required to use the sanitizers after each round and before play begins at the next table.

5.  Masks shall be continually worn throughout the days even if you have been vaccinated.

6.  Playing cards shall be prepared for your use several days prior to the game.  Studies have shown that the covid virus does not thrive after 24 hours on any surface.  Since we do not permit our supplies to be used by any other entity at the Center, the playing cards themselves do not pose any type of risk.

7.  The Carson Valley Bridge Club will comply with all restrictions set forth by the Douglas County Community Center.

8.  When arriving at the Center, please proceed immediately to the front desk and get your temperature taken before you enter the North Room. 

The Douglas County Community Center has really reached out to us in providing a safe environment to continue with our passion for bridge.  Please let them know how you feel by abiding with these restrictions.   Remember that they are only temporary.

Hope to see you all on May 3rd.

Michael Regan 775-392-3755